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Quilted bomber jacket made of black silk + cotton with hand-appliquéd pinwheels and borders design. Features persimmon silk piping and matching lining

Notes on Fabric

This dress is made from a satin-weave silk and cotton from Uzbekistan’s Fergana Valley. The Fergana Valley is the most important center of Central Asian silk production, where women have been cultivating cocoons, reeling them into thread, and weaving fabric on wooden floor looms since late antiquity. 100% SILK works with a family of seventh-generation dyers and weavers to produce its silk.

The fabric used in the Quilted Bomber was appliquéd by hand at Baba Issaka’s Asafo flag workshop in Swedru, Ghana. The Asafo or ‘war people’ of coastal Ghana were initially formed as competitive military organizations, called companies, that acted as middle men between Europeans and powerful African kingdoms in the colonial period. The flags they bore were an imitation of European regalia, but were adapted to reflect local wisdom and proverbial language. Most proclaim the strengths of the company they represent and ridicule the weaknesses of their opponents.


Model is 5'11", 36" bust 27" waist 37" hip, and wears a size 2


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BUST (inches) 32-34 34-36 37-39 39-41
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The name "100% silk" stands for our dedication to exalted textiles. Each collection is an investigation into a special cloth fashioned from traditional techniques such as hand dyeing, knitting or weaving. In our Toronto studio, these textiles are reimagined into garments inspired by individual style.