Breakfast in the Garden - Eunice Luk
Breakfast in the Garden - Eunice Luk


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Precious ceramic stemware from artist Eunice Luk. This delightful cup is big enough to hold an egg, some ice cream, nuts and candy, a few sips, a flower blossom, it is perfectly acceptable to use your imagination. 

Ceramic measures 6cm L x 5.75cm W x 9 cm H

Eunice’s work draws inspiration from her surroundings and reflects on the sentiments and commonality found across cultures and landscapes. Having worked with clay for over two decades, Eunice considers herself an artist transcending materiality into a personal language. Her fondness for the material comes from its strength, its ability to convey, and its personality. She patiently shapes, paints and glazes each work individually. Sometimes firing works multiple times to achieve their final appearance. The result is imbued with emotions and expressions, inviting viewers to connect to a gentle and rich poetic world.