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17" golden chain with parrot, horse, snake, lizard, and elephant charms. 

In ancient Egyptian mythology, the perpetual cycle of the rising and setting of the sun is comparable to the cycle of life and death. Every morning, the Sun is born in the East, grows to the zenith, and ages as it heads West, fading away into the realm of the dead, the Duat. During the day, the solar deity, Ra, was said to use a barque called Mandjet or the boat of Millions of Years to make his journey. The Sun god, attesting to his power as creator, travels through space and time during the day, and also at night, so as to make sure all creation keeps on existing. This collection is inspired by this concept of travel and transition, resulting in a series of elements that symbolise the will of change and the path of renewal.

All Aprés Ski pieces are nickel free. 

Material: gold plated silver

Made in Turkey.