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Large glass plate made by Ontario legend Peter Gudrunas.

Each of Peter's pieces are completely unique, his work bears a sense of strength and sincerity. Swirling like a mirage, his work is highly coveted.

Plate measures 13" across. 

Hand wash, not recommended for dish washer.

Using traditional methods first developed over 2000 years ago, Peter Gudrunas is a master glassblower working in an ancient art, forming contemporary glass that is prized for its classic beauty. At his studio near the shores of Lake Erie, Peter is one of the few people in North America to make his own colour from raw minerals, mixing a base of silica, limestone and soda ash with metallic oxides like cobalt, silver or gold that add colour in a chemical reaction with the heat. Most contemporary glassmakers buy factory made colour because Peter’s method is a somewhat dangerous endeavour as well as vulnerable to human error. The results however are worth it; an entirely unique and mind-bending array of technicolour sunset pallets that appear different under any change of light.