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Made by a family of artisans in Mexico City using local wax and dyes. Due to the organic nature of the candle, colour and shape may vary slightly.

Measures 12" in height

The candles are made with a wax known as Melipona - made by the Mayan “stingless bee” inhabiting the Yucatan peninsula. Melipona beeswax is fragrant, with a sweet aroma and a characteristic intense yellow color. Prized for its durability, it was also used ancestrally in rituals and treatments due to its healing characteristics. The scarcity, sustainable production and its properties make it a higher priced wax than European beeswax but they are worth it. The ecological balance of the area is supported by taking care of these pollinating bees of plants from the local jungle. Likewise, the social development of the communities dedicated to meliponiculture is promoted.

**NOTE BEFORE ORDERING** These candles are delicate by nature and we make every effort to ensure they arrive to you in perfect condition. However, as each flower is added by hand there is a small chance one may come off during shipping. Fortunately they are easily re-attached with a bit of heat (ie. using a lighter the tip of a curling iron).