DAY: a presentation and conversation with Carl Jan Cruz
featuring hats by Maryam Keyhani
On October 7, 2019 from 6PM-8PM
1190 Queen Street West

Carl Jan Cruz, C.J to his family and friends, was born on March 23 1992 in the Philippines to a Filipino mother and a Birtish-Filipino father. He grew up moving around the cities Albay, Manila, and London. In his primary years he spent most of free time interning with different fashion industry figures in the Philippines since he was fourteen years old. Simultaneously juggling school and work experience, he finished secondary school with technical excellence in industrial design. He shortly moved to London for university and took up an undergraduate course in menswear design at London College of Fashion. His time in university was also balanced with a frequent amount of industry experience. He interned with niche brands from New York and Manila during summers and doing sometime at the 3D atelier in Celine before graduating. Soon after, he founded his brand in Manila, Philippines; the brand is a vertical system that produces from concepts, textiles, silhouettes, and details to realised products in-house.

Carl Jan Cruz is a collection of looks, a brand based in Manila Philippines. A visual autobiography that aims to represent an honest dialogue between personal past and present. This design process aims to analyse, refine, and re-purpose personal articles of clothing by applying the methodology of somaesthetics. This approach aims to translate archival and reference wardrobe staples to technically and emotionally-charged pieces. This concept of refining sentiment into something tangible is realised through rigorous toiling and sampling. Articles that I am familiar with, and have trusted and tested over the years of the wear and tear process. These nostalgic emotions strongly manifest through consistent attention to the fit, make, and feel of the garment.