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In August 2018, 100% Silk opened a shop and textile gallery in downtown Toronto. 100% Silk Shop is dedicated to showcasing emerging brands from around the world that combine a distinctive vision with thoughtful construction and slow, handmade processes. Our goal is to start a new dialogue around the word "handmade", one that celebrates both the aesthetics and the story behind each piece. Throughout each season we feature a rotating selection of carefully sourced textiles and ceramics from around the world, as well as lectures and discussions about the work.

Our mandate is to educate our audience about textiles in a multitude of forms and help sustain specialized handwork from around the world. We do carry historically sacred artworks such as Kente weaving and Haitian beadwork and we work closely with all our artisans and designers to ensure our relationship is both ethical and mutually beneficial. All the garments and artwork in our shop have the same mark up structure, which is generally double the cost of the piece to cover our overhead of shipping, photographing, staffing and rent. As of today all of the profits beyond these costs have gone back into supporting the production of more craft in various forms. We welcome conversation around this, please reach us at hello@100percentsilkshop.com if you have any more questions about our partnerships or sourcing practices.


The name “100% Silk” stands for our dedication to exalted textiles. Each collection is an investigation into a special cloth fashioned from traditional techniques such as hand dyeing, knitting or weaving. In our Toronto studio, these textiles are reimagined into garments inspired by individual style.

1558 Dupont Street
Shop Hours: 
Tuesday/Wednesday/Sunday  12-6
Thursday/Friday/Saturday 11-6


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