A group show curated by Ada Navarro at 100% SILK SHOP August 18 - September 13 2023

Florecer (to blossom) brings together a group of thirteen artists based in Mexico City and San José whose works trace myriad and interdisciplinary views on the exercise of blossoming: Visions of delectable-looking, juicy gardens and the blossoming of old and new varieties of summer flowers. This show opens up the space to move through queer, magical, emotional, and experimental landscapes that draw contemplative representations from a shared Latin American perspective on changing landscapes. A landscape is a garden: a garden is an oasis: an oasis is a playground: a playground is a safe space to unfold and to share. The viewer is invited to take a walk through these gardens and linger in their imagery as new perspectives come to life.

Ada Navarro
Carolina Berrocal
Chelsea Gelwarg
Cosima Schietekat
Helia Mejía
Karla Donato
Lina Bailón
Manzana Corona
María Isas
Mata Flores
Sati VM
Tania Marcela