On October 12 LOKÉ Journal is launching their latest issue on UNDERSTANDING at 100% Silk Shop


Architect and journal editor Erandi de Silva will be in conversation with designer and shop owner Lee Dekel. They will be discussing the intersection of production and social awareness through non-dominant narratives of making, in particular, the finer details of textile production in a transnational context. We will also explore what it means to centralize ideas of inclusion in a design retail environment.

Copies of LOKÉ Journal be available as will LOKÉ’s reading accessories. In addition, we will be launching a series of new designs in collaboration with 100% Silk! 100% of the net profits from these pieces will support the construction of low-cost homes in the Global South.



On our speaker:

Clothing designer Lee Dekel founded her gallery-like space,100% Silk Shop, to showcase the work of artisans and designers who share her ethos. These designers combine traditional textile production processes that have been passed on through generations, with their own distinctive vision. A thoroughly global project, her shop represents brands that are steeped in cross-cultural, handmade narratives, such as Mozh Mozh, Osei-Duro, Tigra Tigra, and VVORK VVORK VVORK, as well as Dekel’s own clothing line which is produced between Ghana, Uzbekistan, and Toronto. With all that goes into the various garments in the 100% Silk universe, a unique dialogue is created between the maker’s hand, the wearer’s body, and the environment from which they originate.



On the publication:

Multidisciplinary in scope, LOKÉ Journal examines the art of making as a diverse pursuit. Uncovering the intellectual agendas embedded within various creative fields, LOKÉ Journal considers the issues that drive a global conversation on design culture.

LOKÉ  has variously featured important contemporary architects, designers, theorists, artists and editors in our publication. This includes interviews with Paris-based architect India Madhavi, artist Nick Cave, Vestoj editor Anja Aronowsky Cronberg, Milan-based artist Nathalie du Pasquier, New York Times design critic Alice Rawsthorn AND MORE … Alongside cultural figures the Journal has also featured wordly retailers such as No Borders Shop and Import News and multicultural brands such as Binu Binu and NorBlack NorWhite.

The current issue includes interviews with Ghana-based clothing designers Osei-Duro, Manhattan-based furniture designers Green River Project LLC, Rwanda-based architects Active Social Architecture, Detroit-based artist Chris Schanck, Columbia University Architecture Professor Andrés Jaque AND MORE …