Seed to (small) flower Exhibition by Eunice Luk

Seed to (small) flower
Exhibition by Eunice Luk
With stamped mural by Alicia Nauta
and soft sculptures by Jennifer Laflamme

May 7 - 29, 2022
Polyester Studios
1190 Queen St West, 2nd floor, Toronto
Hours: Wednesday-Sunday 11-5
Opening Reception Saturday May 7, 5-8pm

Photographs by Jimmy Limit
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Humble long legs
Stretch to see the day
Nice to meet you
Unnamed life
Is born from a seed

I look carefully
Examine each leaf
Trace its shape and
Every colourful detail
It makes an irreversible leap
A small achievement
I grow with confidence

A crumpled leaf, a bruised branch
Did not hinder its spirit
Then came
Violent winds, crushing rain
Cabbage moth and dusty mildew

Despite my worries,
It caused no delay
I feel resilient
As your arms spring back
Reach for the sun

A tender strength
Bloom its first flower
A small vivid treat
For the bumblebees
and I

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