MONARCAS - paintings by Jesi Jordan and Erick Garcia


Please join us for our first show of paintings and textile works by Erick Garcia Gomez and Jesi Jordan. 

Erick is a self-taught painter who depicts personal stories and politics in his town of San Cristóbal de las Casas, Mexico and from his grandmother who was a village healer.  His patterns and colours are inspired by the custom floor of his family’s home, made up of different sized and detailed recycled ceramics his grandmother picked out of the garbage and cemented into the floor over the course of two decades. Thus creating a visual timeline of the progression of Chiapeneco art from one end of the floor to the other.

Jesi’s work comes from the perspective of an un-institutionalized painter, performer, and traditional animator where she uses metamorphosis as a form of surreal and abstract story telling by illustrating the relationship between subjects by how they move within each other. By method of automatic painting, this series was intended to paint the emotions of repressed memories hidden in the amygdala. The resulting paintings depict a look into an image mapping of the brain, the overlapping of competing thoughts, and an X-ray of the human consciousness.