Announcing the Black Diamond College Trouser - a 100% SILK x u’s fundraising collaboration.

Model Laura Morel, Photography Stacey Watson, taken in Black Diamond, Alberta

 is a self funded, non-commercial contemporary art project space based in Southern Alberta since 2019. u’s grew out of 67 Steps which was a project space founded in Los Angeles in 2017. After existing in various temporary spaces like backyard garages, sheds, barns, a hotel room, and a 3” x 4” P.O. box, u’s is now constructing a purpose built, permanent exhibition space. The new space will be in the small town of Black Diamond, Alberta which is situated in the foothills of the rocky mountains.

Building on a relationship that began with 100% SILK’s 2018 show at 67 Steps, we have connected again to collaborate on these Black Diamond College handwoven pants that are an homage to rural art utopias of yesteryear (like Black Mountain College) while also fundraising for u’s future space. 

100% SILK at 67 Steps, Los Angeles, 2018

The material for each pair of made-to-order Black Diamond College trouser is handloomed from cotton in a technique traditional to the Volta region of Ghana. Woven in 3" strips and joined by hand by master weaver Bob Dennis Ahiagble for 100% SILK. Since 2003, Bob has been recognized by UNESCO as one of the only living master Ewe kente weavers, championing kente as an intangible heritage product. We will be producing a limited edition of 6 pairs.

All proceeds from the Black Diamond College trousers go directly towards construction costs of the new u’s location.
Past Exhibitions at u's

Liz Craft at u’s, Calgary, 2019

Haena Yoo at u’s, Calgary, 2019

Michael Kennedy Costa at u’s, Calgary, 2019