A capsule collection from designer Carl Jan Cruz for 100% Silk Shop featuring his signature Piqué and Denim garments.  Photographed by Raymond Adriano in our Toronto studio, styled by Nariman Janghorban on models Trinity Lloyd and Jerome Angeles.

Trinity wears the Orosa Tupi Dress. Jerome wears the Jowa Kumpol Hoodie with the Safaree Shorts in Lucky.

Trinity wears the Mariposa in Stone with the Liya Carpenter Jeans.
Jerome wears the Box Tee Long in DL Stripe.
Jerome wears the Kumpol Bib with the Kumpol Trousers.
Trinity wears the Pilipit Ikot Drykini with the Free Cuff Jeans.

Trinity wears the Tank Alambre Top in Shine with the Sayaw Alambre Trousers in Abyss. Jerome wears the Roxas Tupi Shorts in Shine with the Sanda Tank Top in Lucky and Dakila Tupi Long Sleeves in Abyss.
Trinity wears the Roxas Tupi Shorts in Matcha with the Sanda Tank Top in Matcha.

Jerome wears the Liya Siksik Carpenter Shorts and Kumpol Polo Shirt in Bruce