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Hand loomed vintage cloth in peach with navy and sky blue blocks. Very soft.

Considered one of the most significant textiles of the African subcontinent, kente cloth was historically made from silk, reserved for chiefs and kings, and worn as festive dress on special occasions, such as a gathering of elders or the inauguration of new royalty. This style of kente cloth comes from the Ewe people of Togo and Ghana. Ewe kente abounds with proverbial symbolism of both animal and inanimate kind. 

100% cotton

Measures 45.5" x 64"

Each textile is a completely one of a kind piece. They are hand woven with care and expert technique from artisans new and old. Minor irregularities, mild discolouration, or imperfections are to be expected due to the hand made nature of each piece, and we embrace these minor differences when they appear as part of the unique beauty that makes each woven work something irreplaceable.

We find a variety of uses for the hand woven textiles in our daily lives. The same piece we might display hanging on a wall or a dowel as a work of art, we would take down to let our babies play upon. A piece might live draped over a bed or on a living room chair for decoration, or we may wrap ourselves in it to protect us from sun or keep us dry. There is no wrong answer. We hope you find ways to incorporate these beautiful, colourful pieces into your life in whichever way works best for you.